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Do you dream of fencing your property without neglecting the aspect of comfort and aesthetics? Let yourself be conquered by our range of aluminum gates with a unique design. You will experience the Italian know-how.

A quality gate allows you to delimit the land, an essential element to ensure the safety of your children and pets. Aluminum gates remain an essential alternative to wrought iron, wood and PVC gates.

You will appreciate our different gate models for their unique finish and great functionality.

An aluminum gate has many advantages, starting with ease of maintenance.

Aluminum is a light but strong material that does not rust. In addition to being completely recyclable, it shows great resistance over time to bad weather.

The advantage of a bespoke installation is that you can choose from a wide choice of colors and designs to stay faithful to the architecture of your home. The aluminum gate can also be equipped with a home automation system to offer greater autonomy during each use.


The different types of aluminum gates

Adapt your aluminum gate to your exterior.

Swing or sliding, motorized or not, take advantage of Alutrend's know-how and quality by customizing your gate.

Solid, perforated, semi-perforated, perforated, enameled or wrought iron appearance, our range of aluminum gates fulfills all your desires.

More or less wide slats, laser cutting, customized glass, invisible uprights and transoms as well as a multitude of powder-coated colors.

Our aluminum gates offer robustness and coordinate with the style of your home.

Modern, trendy, atypical, refined, contemporary, traditional, classic, original: your portal is waiting for you !!

Aluminium gates cancelli in alluminio


Our profiles are made of extruded 6060 primary aluminum alloy, both tubular and solid. .
The two-leaf swing gates are tested and certified up to a maximum width of 8 meters in class 2.

For the sliding model, on the other hand, for a maximum width of 12 meters in class 3.
All the hinges used are made with a central joint in stainless steel, on a brass bushing, an adjustable wall fixing plate and a steel eyelet, all equipped with a hole for grease nipples and adjustment spacers in stainless steel.

The ornamental elements of our production and supply are made of cast and die-cast aluminum, and locked to the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are made of stainless steel.

Assembly by welding


Each of our products is made by means of pulsed arc and tig welding, in order to guarantee durability and stability over time. Our series includes various types of linear, arched gates, and on request both swinging with one or two leaves and sliding. The series is completed with the line of linear, arched or inclined fences and balcony railings, all in harmony with the same style of the gates, with profiles of the same design but of reduced size. The second type of gates and fences we produce is made with square profiles, starting from solid extruded material, using ornamental elements and wrought aluminum creations, all joined and locked with aluminum rivets that reflect the style of the old artisan tradition. In addition to the standard models, it is possible to carry out special processes and designs on sheet metal, according to the customer's requests.

Aluminium gates cancelli in alluminio

Colors and finishes


After assembly, welding and cleaning, our gates are subjected to a sandblasting process with silica sand and corundum, then they are washed and degreased with solvents and acids, dried in the oven, to be finally subjected to electrostatic application of powders. polyurethane of the chosen color and put in the oven at 200 ° for 20 minutes. All this process is done online, in order to guarantee a high quality of the product.
Finally, we remind you that our products are CE marked with serial number, installation, use and maintenance manual, guaranteeing the traceability of projects over the years.
This is ALUTREND today: Italian artisan quality, technology, entrepreneurial and product innovation, guaranteed by forty years of experience in the aluminum sector and assisted and controlled by highly specialized personnel.

Disegno in autocad di un cancello in alluminio Alutrend
Each gate is designed with Auto Cad
Each order placed by the customer as a matter of practice we will design the gate with the measures and model requested by the customer. Once the drawing has been made, it will be sent to the customer, verifying the measurements and the type of gate are correct. Once we have verified that everything is correct, we proceed with signing and stamping the order and returning it to the company. Subsequently, the order will be immediately put into production. The production of each order will be delivered with a minimum of 40 days apart from transport days.
Each gate will be packaged in a workmanlike manner, using pallets and 4 mm polystyrene, cardboard and MDF wood linings.
International transport
The range of services offered by RHENUS LOGISTICS SpA is very broad and has global coverage. The monitoring and traceability of shipments are an essential element in guaranteeing transparency and reliability to our customers.

Process analysis and strategic planning of activities represent for RHENUS LOGISTICS the starting point adopted when we present tailor-made solutions to our customers.

We never underestimate the requests of our customers, we dedicate our time and our energy to arrive at a project that fully satisfies the required needs.

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