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After assembly, welding and cleaning, our gates are subjected to a sandblasting process with silica sand and corundum, then they are washed and degreased with solvents and acids, dried in the oven, to be finally subjected to electrostatic application of powders. polyurethane of the chosen color and put in the oven at 200 ° for 20 minutes. All this process is done online, in order to guarantee high quality and a 10-year guarantee on both structural and painting defects, with insurance coverage by REALE MUTUA insurance.
Finally, we remind you that our products are CE marked with serial number, installation, use and maintenance manual, guaranteeing the traceability of projects over the years.
This is today ALUTREND: Italian artisan quality, technology, entrepreneurial and product innovation, guaranteed by forty years of experience in the aluminum sector and assisted and controlled by highly specialized personnel.

Polyester powder coating

for outdoors


The P0 Group 5100 series powder coatings are based on polyester resins with high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays and pigments selected for their high thermal resistance and light fastness.
The pearlescent of the P0 Group series 5100 series was obtained through a dry mixing process of components with different specific weight and chromaticity. For this reason, the finishes in this series may have differences in appearance and / or color depending on the application system used, the possible use of recycling and also between batch and production batch.

Finishes and Colors

From our standard finishes and colors to the wide range of choices for any need.

Our standard painting process is comprised of: Sandblasting, washing, degreasing and aging, Drying, application of qualicoat polyester powder, cooking, cooling.

Our peculiarity is to try to paint the disassembled parts of the artefact, so as to be able to guarantee greater coverage of the exposed surfaces, and a better quality of the treatments.

For areas with a higher risk of oxidation such as coastal areas, rural areas with intensive cultivation or near industries, on request there is an additional treatment, before the powder coating, an epoxy base coat can be applied, to significantly increase the held, after the base coat is applied the paint and powder.

- We recommend our standard colors, embossed or rough to avoid some imperfections due to the manual processing of the product.

For any opaque ral colors, perfect uniformity of the surface is not guaranteed. Ordinary six-monthly annual maintenance according to the installation areas: cleaning washing painted surfaces with neutral soaps to eliminate any atmospheric deposits from chemical treatment industries, salt. Movement parts lubrication.

Special colors
Standard colors
RAL colors
Wood colors
  • Notes: the colors and degrees of brilliance presented in the brochure are for example only.

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