• They are products made according to the best Italian construction tradition and with the use of high quality raw materials.

  • They are design products that enrich your home with beauty.

  • They are highly reliable thanks to their technical characteristics.

  • Unmatched strength and durability, no rust, no maintenance. In addition, the painting is certified to withstand high salinity environments, such as seaside resorts.

  • They are widely customizable in terms of models and colors, in relation to your personal and home tastes.


Alutrend aluminum gates and fences


Built to resist !!


Our company is on the European market in an innovative way, offering a product designed to withstand the elements and reduce routine maintenance, thus also reducing costs.
CASA Pericolini Valter was born as a small company, founded in 1974 by the current owner Pericolini Valter, characterized by the construction and installation of aluminum windows. The professionalism that distinguishes it is also acquired by children who, with the same seriousness and dedication, work within the company.
After several years of experience, in order to adapt to market needs, it was decided to invest in the acquisition of new numerical control machines, but above all, it was decided to develop a new innovative product by taking over a new company, ALUTREND, doors. in aluminum offering exceptional resistance and toughness, doors to be considered "eternal".

Our primary alloy profiles in 6060 aluminum


Our profiles are filled with primary extrusion tube in 6060 aluminum alloy. The thicknesses start from a minimum of 4 mm for the plates and from 1.5 mm to 20 mm for the profiles which vary according to the types to be made.
Doors with two hinged doors are tested and certified for a maximum width of 8 meters in class 2; for the sliding model, however, for a maximum width of 12 meters in class 3. All the hinges used are made with a central stainless steel pin, a brass bushing plate fixed to the wall and an adjustable steel with eyelet, all equipped with a hole for the grease adjustment shims in stainless steel. The decorative elements of our production and supply are made of cast aluminum and molded and glued to the profiles by welding or threading. All screws or bolts used are made of stainless steel.
Each product is made with pulsed arc welding and TIG to guarantee durability and stability over time.


After assembly, welding and cleaning, our doors are subjected to a polishing process with corundum and silica sand, then washed and degreased with solvent and acid, dried in the oven, to be finally subjected to an electrostatic application of polyurethane colored powder selected and placed in the oven at 200 ° for 20 minutes. This whole process is carried out online, to guarantee high quality and a 10-year guarantee on the two structural defects they paint, with REAL MUTUA insurance coverage.


* Resistance to wind load
* mechanical strength
* safe opening
* maneuvering forces
* no waste of dangerous substances

Each Alutrend door is protected by RC Products of the Real Mutual Insurance Policy for 10 years.
The police, valid throughout Europe, guarantees your purchase for a period of ten years, protected from unforeseen circumstances
-Urban - rural check and cleaning every 12 months.
-Industrial inspection and cleaning every 6 months.
-Maritime inspection and cleaning every 3 months.
-Industrial and maritime inspection and cleaning every 3 months.
We have a wide choice of styles of aluminum gates to choose from, in a selection of colors and finishes. From more traditional styles to contemporary slatted and ranch style doors. If you find nothing in our standard catalog that meets your needs, we also offer a tailor-made design service.

CAD designed and designed with precision to the highest standards using the best quality materials, our aluminum doors are built by hand according to your personal needs.

Aluminum is a superior choice offering a light, strong, durable and low maintenance option, and most importantly beautiful gates.
Our collections of aluminum gates and fences
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Cancello con curva a baffo battente a 2
  • All the doors of the ALUTREND line are assembled by means of TIG and MIG pulsed arc welding machines .
  • The corner joints are made by welding aluminum and magnesium wire with reinforcements inside the profiles according to needs.
  • This gives the structure greater mechanical strength than that of iron doors.
Richiedi un preventivo

Request a quote and take advantage of -50% tax deductions

If you are considering renovating your home, you will benefit

tax deduction of - 50%.

The concessions are foreseen for building renovation works which also include the replacement of gates and fences and on some works that are carried out on external spaces annexed to the house.

We will be happy to assist you in the necessary compilation of the forms required to obtain the deductions required by law.

Renovate your home and save.

Do not lose the opportunity!

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