Maintenance Painted products

Maintenance for our painted products.

The architectural paints used in the system require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the continuity of the decorative and protective properties of the surface.

The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors, including:

1st Geographical location of the building

2nd class of environmental corrosivity in which the building is inserted, for example: marine, industrial, residential, rural, etc.

3rd Level of polluting emissions into the air.

4 ° Presence of winds with considerable intensity (eg Bora di Trieste) possibility of dust carried by the wind, eg. sand, dust, etc.

5 ° Hypothesis of change over time of the corrosivity class (e.g. transition from rural to industrial)

The best cleaning method is through regular washing of the surface, using a solution of warm water and mild detergent (pH 5-8). All surfaces must be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, do not use any brush if not of natural origin.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the appearance you want to maintain and on the need to remove deposits that could, on prolonged contact, cause damage to the coating. In a not particularly aggressive environment (eg rural or urban), the normal cleaning frequency can be about 12 months.

In the presence of particularly dirty deposits, a higher cleaning frequency is recommended. When the environment is aggressive, the cleaning frequency should be reduced to 3 month intervals. In the presence of high atmospheric pollution or in the presence of a particularly corrosive environment, or in the presence of water with a lot of fixed residue, the period between interventions must be further reduced.

It is absolutely forbidden to use solvents or solutions that contain: ester chlorinated hydrocarbons

acetones abrasive pastes


  • Urban - rural inspection and cleaning every 12 months

  • Industrial inspection and cleaning every 6 months

  • Marine inspection and cleaning every 3 months

  • Industrial and marine inspection and cleaning every 3 months


- If it is necessary to retouch the painted surface, we recommend the use of bi-component polyurethane paints, to be applied according to the following cycle:

- Clean the surface with a mild solvent, applying it freely with a cloth, dry taking care to remove any residues.

- If necessary, even the surface by smoothing the part to be restored with abrasive paper (max grain 320) and then clean thoroughly with a dry cloth.

- Mix the paint vigorously for about 2 minutes.

- In case of spray paint (can), spray the color on a palette (even a sheet of cardboard can do the job) apply the paint with a brush (small size) and limit the application strictly to the part to be restored.

CE marking in accordance with the EN 13-241 standard.

Welded with pulsed arc and TIG welding machine

Weather resistant

Made to measure for the customer

Respect the environment 100% recyclable

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