Classic monobloc line with NICE automation

The automatic gates, offering advanced technical solutions to guarantee the functionality of sliding and swing gates. The different solutions are suitable for both residential and business use, and determine a high standard that stands out for its reliability and safety.
Preassembled structures resulting in better stability results. The gate, the pillars and possibly the automations are then completely assembled in the company, thus offering the buyer a turnkey product, reducing the time and costs relating to installation.

What are the advantages of a monobloc structure system? First of all, a monobloc structure simplifies the installation of the gate, allowing a simple and quick installation. The second advantage is linked to the freedom to choose whether to have a motor for automation pre-installed or to have the possibility of installing it even later. The third and most important advantage of the monobloc frame is related to the cost aspect. The solution offered is pre-tested, adapts perfectly to the new gate and minimizes the installation time of the automation: in this way the labor cost is extremely low, favoring the customer's investment.


with painted columns

We produce standard size monobloc, customized monobloc

The system of profiles for the construction of pedestrian gates for sliding swing gates, railings and aluminum fences are made with extruded profiles in aluminum alloy EN AW 6060 according to EN 573/3.

The sections of the main load-bearing profiles vary from a section of 40 mm * 40 to 60 * 60 various thicknesses that can vary from the thickness 4/6/10/20 / or solid profile, depending on the types to be performed or the solutions to be adopted.

The corner joints are made by welding with aluminum and magnesium wire internal reinforcements to the profiles as needed.

The hinges are made by combining different materials to limit friction as much as possible by combining bushings in steel, stainless steel and brass fitting.

Our particular hinges and cover allow us to minimize the aesthetic impact and facilitate installation as much as possible.

All decorative elements or hardware brackets are made with A2 stainless steel screws and bolts.

The wall anchors will be sized according to requirements and will be in galvanized steel.

With our swing and certified sliding gate systems it is possible to obtain 2 hinged door closings up to a maximum of m = 8 and sliding light columns up to maximum light columns m = 9, and for some solutions mt = 12.

All our solutions can be made with plinths of inclined or curved square pieces, always check the feasibility.
All our works are designed to have traceability of both paper and electronic documentation over time in order to place the finished product on the EU market, each swing and sliding gate will be accompanied by the CE marking and accompanied by a dossier; Technical user and maintenance manual, in compliance with the Product Directive of
Building 89/106 / CE.

All our products are covered by a 10-year civil liability insurance.

Tutti i nostri cancelli possono essere dotati di sotto struttura in acciaio e possono essere sia automatici e non.

Inoltre le colonne possono essere come in questi esempi le colonne  possono essere rivestite in muratura o pietra a piacere,o realizzati con colonne finite e verniciate di diametro 200 mm x 200 mm.

Qui in seguito possiamo vedere i vari esempi:

Colonne a rivestire,esempi tipologie aperture.

Qui in seguito possiamo vedere i vari esempi:

Colonne finite e verniciate,esempi tipologie aperture.

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