Prestige modern extreme line

Prestige modern extreme

ALUTREND is a customizable range of contemporary or modern gates. We offer countless variations for all sizes, in different colors.

Made with perimeter profiles 60 mm x 60 mm and 60 mm x 160 mm and 60 mm x 120 mm for sliding and swing gates, minimum thickness 5 mm.

The filling is made with aluminum profiles of different sizes 150x50x2 100x50x2 50x50x2

30x50x2, these profiles will be locked to the gate by means of a hidden aluminum connection.

All the covering and fixing profiles will be painted separately and reassembled later

painting, all this to give a product painted in all its parts.

The cladding profiles can be inserted externally or internally, with some limitations

footprint problems in some solutions. Stainless steel flanges

Hinges hidden inside the profile with brass pins, brass bushings and grease nipples, the hinges are adjustable and supplied with a cover plate.

The gates will be supplied with our standard degreasing and powder coating process.

Standard accessories:

  • Electric lock of the Cisa.

  • Setback.

  • UNI-EN certifications + gate serial number.

  • 10 year guarantee with real Mutua.

  • Installation, use and maintenance manual


Our standard painting process includes: Sandblasting, degreasing and aging washing, Drying, qualicoat polyester powder application, cooking, cooling. Our particularity is to try to paint the disassembled parts of the manufactured article, so as to be able to guarantee greater coverage of the exposed surfaces, and better quality of the treatments. For areas with higher risk of oxidation such as coastal, rural areas with intensive crops or close to industries, on request there is an additional treatment, before powder coating, an epoxy primer can be applied, to significantly increase the seal, after the primer is applied the paint and powder.


- We recommend our standard colors, peeled or rough to avoid some imperfections due to the manual processing of the product. For any ral opaque colors, perfect uniformity of the surface cannot be guaranteed. Ordinary maintenance every six months on the basis of the installation areas: cleaning, washing of the painted surfaces with neutral soaps to eliminate any atmospheric deposits from chemical treatment industries, salt. Movement parts lubrication.


- The shipment includes packaging and transport. The material travels insured, for any damage must be immediately communicated, to start the compensation procedures. Compensation practices must follow the times and methods of insurance. The cost of transport must be reconfirmed at the time of order or shipment because the costs are very variable based on the periods and the workload of the carrier.


- During transport, unloading is excluded, because the availability of lifting means is not guaranteed. For heavy loads, the customer must be equipped with lifting means for unloading parcels that cannot be handled manually. We recommend that you make arrangements with the carrier when you are contacted by the courier.


- The place of unloading must have characteristics suitable for the delivery truck. Please provide delivery locations with adequate space and stops.


- We recommend our standard colors, peeled or reworked to avoid some imperfections due to the manual processing of the product. For any ral opaque colors, the perfect uniformity of the surface is not guaranteed. Transport prices must be reconfirmed when we have the order, with the final delivery address.



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If you are considering renovating your home, you will benefit

tax deduction of - 50%.

The concessions are foreseen for building renovation works which also include the replacement of gates and fences and on some works that are carried out on external spaces annexed to the house.

We will be happy to assist you in the necessary compilation of the forms required to obtain the deductions required by law.

Renovate your home and save.

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