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Sliding gates are the ideal solution for industrial environments where the large steps required in housing due to small masonry work require a traditional swing door.

Speaking of safety, however, both types of openings are regulated by EN 13241-1, which specifies in detail the safety requirements for doors, gates and barriers installed in places accessible to people or vehicles in commercial, industrial and residential contexts.

One of the main dangers of sliding doors is certainly off the track (derailment) and its relative fall causing damage to property and people.

The traditional sliding doors have in fact a structure characterized by the presence of the guide on the ground through which the door circulates, but there are types that thanks to the new technologies offer enhanced security.

The cantilever doors are without floor guides, but characterized by a monorail fixed to the base of the door which slides on two solid trolleys with the ground with a foundation.

This system guarantees maximum safety with anti-derailment in addition to the multiple advantages both for the masonry reduced to a single area of the foundation and for maintenance.

The self-supporting system ensures the opening of the passage in any weather condition because it avoids problems related to the formation of ice in the sliding area of the door as "exceptional", both in the internal trolley and inside the monorail and always protected.

Another advantage is the possibility of installation in any type of terrain that is not perfectly aligned, due to the lack of driving on the ground.


Cantilever COLOR WOOD





The sliding door is a cantilever door with a trolley mounted on a foundation by means of foundation anchors
the leaf moves a few centimeters from the ground, so it is not blocked by anything
Depending on the design, the door can be filled with slats, for AUTOMATICALLY MANUALLY AND AUTOMATIC SLIDING SYSTEMS
the painted colors of the fake wood are all the RAL colors and the approximate colors such as the orange peel.
It is possible to have guides and guides in aluminum in galvanized steel.
This exclusive production process of a large sliding door ensures reliable, smooth and silent door operation
trolley with wheels in the track
the door can be mounted on two or three foundation anchors.




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