Shipping and Transportation

We carry out transport with RHENUS LOGISTICS Italia

it has a widespread presence with a wide geographical coverage: Europe, Russia, Turkey, Maghreb and Western Asia with direct terminal-to-terminal connections in order to reduce transit times and consequently costs.

  • Shipping includes packaging and transport.

  • The material travels insured, for any damages they must be immediately communicated, to start the compensation procedures.

  • Compensation practices must follow the times and methods of insurance.

  • The cost of transport must be reconfirmed at the time of the order or shipment because the costs are very variable based on the periods and the workload of the carrier.

  • In transport it is unloading excluded, because there is no guarantee the availability of the lifting means.

  • For heavy loads, the customer must be equipped with lifting equipment for unloading packages that cannot be handled manually.

  • It is advisable to make arrangements with the carrier when you will be contacted by the courier.

  • The place of unloading must have characteristics suitable for the delivery truck.

  • Please provide delivery locations with space and adequate breaks.  

  • The transport prices must be reconfirmed when we have the order, with the final delivery address.


For safe and guaranteed transport, to check that shipments are handled properly and to ensure optimal and safe transport.


Description :

SHOCKWATCH AND SHOCKWATCH 2 - Shock indicators (labels, clips and tubes)


ShockWatch impact indicators detect and record shocks and mishandling when transporting fragile, sensitive or calibrated products. ShockWatch Labels and ShockWatch Clips are devices containing a tube with a red liquid in suspension. If the device is subjected to an impact greater than a specific G level, the impact causes the red liquid, clearly visible, to leak into the tube.

Shockwatch 2 are single-use monitoring devices that can show if a fragile product has been dropped during transport and storage. The Shockwatch 2 are tamper-proof devices that turn red in the event of an impact beyond a certain threshold. These products can be used to prevent damage on all types of goods that require some care during transport and handling.

CE marking in accordance with the EN 13-241 standard.

Welded with pulsed arc and TIG welding machine

Weather resistant

Made to measure for the customer

Respect the environment 100% recyclable

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